Journal Entry 3 – Under Sail

After the evening’s festivities we retired to the Salt and Pepper tavern, and planned arrangements for the night.

Not being the least bit paranoid™ we booked the largest room and planned watches, then our bard piped up, suggesting a hut… So a hut à la Leomund sprang into being, in our now 10’ high inn room.

We slept well (for no longer than 8 hours) with no disturbances.

The next day on the way to the docks, we made a detour to the Magic Shop, it didn’t look the least like this:

Definitely not the Magic Shop

Definitely not the Magic Shop

And stocked up on:
  • Healing potions (2x),
  • Flaming arrows (your scribe purchased 12), oh and
  • Water breathing potions (2x)

We then went down to the docks where the 2 boats ours, the Anlee and the B-team boat.

It appears the B-team adventurers have a ’name’ - Silks with a human male Deece, a large man/creature? called Odo and a woman in a leather and mail vest, Mestil.

We greeted them and met the Captain - a woman - Captain Zif.

Also on board was the first mate - Crabdan (a half orc) and the ship’s mage Pret.

Amongst the crew of 10 seadogs was a part Merfolf and a halfling.

Lord Mendain arrived to give us our instructions.

Our plan was to sail south, follow the coast for 3-4 days and then zig-zag back checking out some inhabited islands.

The pirates were suspected to have one or more schooners, possibly with a crew of 30-40, so we were to investigate, not confront. Our pinnace was lighter than the previously sighted schooner, but faster.

We set sail, our accommodation was a cleared out sail locker on the foredeck, however our Bard had bigger ideas, some sort of portable mansion.

By the door appeared portal into this room:

Together with a 9 course banquet.

It has now become apparent the game is called:

Pinnaces and Palaces

Needless to say we ate and slept well. Captain Zif allowed the crew to enjoy, but under a strict rota.

The next day we ventured south, watching the jungle coast. The day passed without incident. Cacofonix has a pet seagull which he sent out to search for boats/fish buckets. The bird returned without a sign, it wasn’t clear if the thing found nothing, or didn’t understand.

We slept again in the mansion/palace, though the good Captain didn’t want the crew to enjoy it.

The next day we continued south, the jungle, the heat, the humidity… the endless tractless mangroves… The horror! The horror!

That evening Willie, taking a break from petty theft, took watch from the top of a mast. Apart from chatting with one of the sailors and learning far more than he ever wanted to know about Port Mendain, towards the evening he spotted a plume of smoke, nay, a suspicious plume of smoke on the shore to the south.

We swung into action… well we realised it was coming into evening and a long way away and so we swung out of action.

Then we devised a cunning plan. During the night we would sail offshore to the south past the crime (!?!) scene. At first light, the bard, who had a pedestrian style flying ability, would fly with the captain’s telescope to observe. We believe they had a boat (schooner ??) anchored there.

Also in the morning, our boat the Anlee would sail past the site, heading north. We would observe the reaction from the shore when we were sighted. Later, ideally before our bard’s spell would run out we would rendezvous.

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To be continued…

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