Journal Entry 4 – Dawn Patrol

We put our carefully laid plan into action. Before dawn Cacofonix set-off to fly towards the plume of smoke seen the previous evening.

Artist’s Rendition of Cacofonix Flying

Artist’s Rendition of Cacofonix Flying

We would sail northwards along the coast, just offshore and rendezvous with Cacofonix afterwards. He is only flying at walking speed, but is invisible.

Approaching the source of the smoke seen earlier there is an inlet, larger than others on the coast, off to one side is a basin. It is still pre-dawn, and he spots a hewn post, the first non-natural thing seen so far on the flight. Skimming 20’ above the water, alternately casting detect magic and detect evil, he detected, hidden in the water several evil magic bearing, aberrants.

Then in the morning gloom he saw a basin, with on the left, a substantial stone wharf and hut and on the opposite a building with a porch extending out onto a wooden wharf. Before investigating he flew several hundred yards up the channel, but found nothing but wilderness.

Pirate Lair?

Pirate Lair?

Returning to the basin he again flew some 20’ above the water, and detected several more aberrants with a cluster underneath the wooden wharf. Then while hovering in the middle of the basin, out of the corner of his eye he spotted a large clawed hand rise of of the water, holding an eyeball staring directly at his invisible form.

Cacofonix decided he had seen enough and while still flying, strolled away. Before leaving, an older woman walked out of the building and called out “don’t leave now… why don’t you stay for breakfast…” Exit immediately stage left.

Cacofonix was able to rejoin the boat. As the basin is a hundred yards or so offshore we couldn’t see anything as we sailed off the coast.

What did the Mafia do next?

As our mission was reconnaissance and not intervention, we decided to continue with our plan, inspecting offshore islands and return back to the inlet on our way back north to Port Medain.

We sailed and sailed for several days and pinnaced and palaced…

Pinnaces and Palaces

Towards evening several days (and some kilograms heavier) we spotted a vessel, schooner sized in the distance. It was almost gloaming, and we were already in shadow but they were not, so we did not think we had been spotted.

Their course was bearing directly to the inlet.

We followed them at a distance; they did have running lights, and Cacofonix flew up to spot them from afar with the captain’s telescope.

The next day they arrived at the inlet. We anchored offshore, again some distance offshore.

Overnight, Thorvald (son of Thorvald) had taken the knee, prayed to his god. Then after climbing up to the crows nest, where he had line of sight to the inslet, cast a mighty ritual (Clairvoyance). After some time (10 minutes) was able to spy them from afar.

The vessel, a schooner, a match for the very rough descriptions we had been given, was anchored at the stone wharf. Thorvald (son of Thorvald) viewed several 10’ x 10’ x 10’ cages being taken out of the ship and dragged into the nearby hut. Each cage had 5 or so humanoids. From the hut, barrels were taken out and loaded back into the ship. The ship itself was aged, but in good repair.

Opposite, in the building with the porch, there were now 3 women drinking tea and observing. Could this be the…

Pirate Base

Certainly suspicious activity… The pirate captain, let’s call him Kurtz, should be brought to justice!

Krudd and Egert, our eager frontline, were keen to wade ashore and assault the pirate base overland.

Wise Thorvald (son of Thorvald) called down from the crows nest, “No, don’t go”.

Egert considered…


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