Journal Entry 5 - Krudd Got Drunk

We continued the observation of the pirates, and prepared a plan to further scout the base, noting that Willie also has Boot a la Wings.

However, before we (or really Cacafonix and Willie) could swing into action the pirate schooner prepared to set sail. Captain Ziff moved further offshore, and 20 minutes later the schooner came out of the inlet and sailed south along the coast.

We set sail north back to Port Medain, and on arrival went with Captain Ziff to report to the Lord.

With the Lord was an elderly man, a Kengee - Elder Vecta. We recounted what we saw, the witches ship and the

Pirate Base

Considering this he responded “this may be beyond us, we may have to report to the King and get his aid”.

He also said the Silks (sailing in another pinnace north), have seen a similar vessel and are trailing it.

“Come back tomorrow and I may have something more for you to do if you are interested”.

With Cacafonix threatening another performance at the Donbas Inn, his eye on the winsome Berta, we decided to head down to the docks.

Thorvald (son of Thorvald) said he had some “housekeeping” at the temple. We (i.e., not Krudd) decided to send Krudd with him for support.

At a dockside tavern we drank and spoke with various people and drank some more. It wasn’t clear at all what the pirates were doing, and there weren’t any clues from the dock folk. We learnt there was a halfling community, the Mudfoots, outside town on the river Fetch.

We decided to visit another tavern, as we approached it was louder and rambunctious. Inside we found…

A well lubricated Krudd! He was in a corner with tousled hair scratches and some new friends. He and his friends were quite drunk.

Beneath the tavern bench was an unconscious hobbit, named Nobbit, apparently he was caught pick pocketing and sent to “sleep”. Willie decided to have a look.

Nobbit is a town messenger, and had a purse (with a magic lock). Inside were four letters. Three appear innocent, matter of fact. The fourth was in abyssal upon translation:

We replaced the messages, leaving the rest of his belongings untouched.

We returned to the tavern, but Nobbit had been taken away by his cousins, one was Saltfoot, a crew member from the boat.

To be continued…

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