Journal Entry 6 - The Boys are Back in Town

After the fracas at the tavern we met with our the next morning as the clock struck 10. Berta seemed a bit distant, more formal with the bard.

As Thorvald had read the note directly, he met with our directly and told him about the message.

Then we met with the elders 2 this time, Vectra and Vily. Our asked us to investigate not the southern coast, but the far bank of the river Fetch and the surrounding area.

He could provide us with a skiff. The rates would be the same 100gp diem per party member.

We planned to hire a slightly larger board, with a crew.

A captain, Tulloch - we will call him Chief, a human with a crew of mudfoots would typically take cargo, messages and passengers up and down stream. Risk averse he was prepared to take us across the river, but not far into the mangroves. Rates were: 50gp to the other side of the river, 75gb if in a channel.

He or his crew would not get out of the boat and sail away if confronted.

We agreed these terms with the Chief.

We planned to set sail the next day, so we went

First stop the chandlers....

There we purchased: Mapping materials.

  • Telescopes 2 x small, 2 large 36 silver.
  • We also purchased one extra large telescope.

Also we get our Mapping materials:

  • Telescopes 2 x small, 2 large 36 silver.
  • On extra large telescopes.
  • Also we gave our Mapping materials.
  • Telescopes 2 x small, 2 large 36 silver.
  • One extra large telescope.

Also we gave our our last spare message ring and let him know our plans.

That evening in the town square we saw a female sea elf, going upstream, dressed in good, but not extravagant clothes with a satchel. Willie followed.

Egert the Ready.

Back to The Mosquito Coast.

Stupid things we've overheard...

I need this blood for, uhh, an experiment.

Random Quote

Nonviolent resistance is not aimed against oppressors, but against oppression.