Journal Entry 8 - Sharknado

The battle continues…

By now 8 of the 12 Suahagin on the shore are injured, burning or dead. The Chief has the sail up and we start to move away from them downstream. Soon enough we are out of bow range.

However the underwater Suahagin is still in pursuit, he comes out of the water, some 30' away, blows a conch and disappears under the water.

Krudd stays below deck to check the hold, Thorvald (son of Thorvald) casts control water, causing a whirlpool to form centered on where the leader Suahagin disappeared below the water. We don't see him again.

We then disengage sailing downstream.

Willie uses the googles, able to see in the dark to 120'. In the water heading upstream are a lot of sharks, large sharks, the sort of sharks where We are going to need a bigger boat… Jaws 1975.

Eleven minutes later Willie sees a large boat, a galley being rowed. Like the sharks, also heading upstream. On the decks were several large male and female Suahagin.

It appeared they hadn't seen us. It was also apparent we had met the requirements of the mission.

In hindsight... it appeared our bard had wanted to do this for a long time, he just didn't have an excuse. Animate Objects. It turned out our boat wasn't too big. He animated the boat, still travelling downstream, it rose gradually in the air to 120'. We (or rather Willie) saw the galley pass beneath us.

Once past we dropped gently back into the water.

We continued downstream, seeing more Sharks. Not long later, from behind us, we could hear and then Willie could see the Galley heading downstream towards us.

Time for another whirlpool:

Thorvald (son of Thorval) cast the spell right in front of the galley, which it entered and after not a long time disappeared. Yay !

Now to return to the Lord with news of our mission.

— Egert the Scribe.

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Stupid things we've overheard...

I don't understand. It should be dead by now.

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