Journal Entry 9 - Grilled Seafood to go - Is that Normal or Chicken Salt?

During the night as we sailed downstream, we saw fewer and fewer sharks, and by morning passed none were to be seen. We spent the night mansioning, Cacafonix arranged for some Tender Care® for the hurt Gurner.

We returned back to thetown late that afternoon, as the sun was setting.

Tulloch looked happy docking at Mud Shores.

We paid the ferryman, no not that ferryman, Tulloch, less the 1 day's deposit (total 300Gp).

We headed back uphill to Port Mendain to see our . He was 'interested' to hear about the Sahuagin, he knew of them but hadn't seen any in the area before. He paid us (600gp each - 6 days). We let him know we would be in town and could contact us by message ring.

Later that evening, Cacafonix inevitably performed at a tavern in the square, this one opposite the Donbas. The crowd was more your stand up drinking type. The performance was not uncreditworthy. We left before it was too rowdy, and retired to the Salt and Pepper Inn at the docks.

After a nightcap at the bar... trying to pump the Innkeeper for any information, of which all we heard was.. sharks, sharks and more sharks were seen offshore.

sailors report seeing a lot of sharks offshore

sailors report seeing a lot of sharks offshore

The bard erected a tiny hut a la Leomund, and we went to sleep.

Some time later, 'ears' Willie woke up feeling hot. He woke the party and we saw through the opaque hut flames and smoke coming from under our door.

We consider trying to put the fire out, using Thorvald son of Thorvald's Create Water spell.

He steps out and looks out the window:

The town is on fire! The town is on fire! The town is on fire!

The town is on fire! The town is on fire! The town is on fire!

The town is on fire! The town is on fire! The streets are full of Sahuagin!

The town is on fire! The town is on fire! The streets are full of Sahuagin!

We look at how to escape.. the roof seems the best option, up we go. By now both Willie and Cacafonix are flying with their winged boots.

We see a stream of Sahuarin heading uphill towards the town square. Looking for leadership, we decided to head up the mass. We also messaged our .

he was at the top of the hill assisting the wall of town guards, he asked us to do what we could. Uphill we went!

An exact, to scale, map of the raid.<br/>(Visit for all of your state plus needs).

An exact, to scale, map of the raid.
(Visit for all of your state plus needs).

After some minutes, and a risky jump from one roof to another over a laneway, we made it to the top not far from the town square. There was a wall of guards holding the Sahuagin back behind them were our and the town elders.

Facing them was a mass of Sahuagin, none appear to have any ranged weapons.

Time for some spell casting. Thorvald son of Thorvald and I took turns, alternating with Flame Strike and Fireballs

  • Flame Strike,
  • Fireball,
  • Flame Strike,
  • Acid Splash,
  • Flame Strike,

After several rounds the Sahuagin in the, shall we call it a cauldron, were somewhat diminished, barbequed, burnt.

While this was happening, Willie and Cacafonix saw one of the leader Sahuagin, those with the extra arms, back down towards the docks, they headed back down there, at this point they weren't needed, Thorvald and I were busy grilling.

They engaged the suplusly armed leader near the docks, he was with 2 guards. As the grilling continued diminishing the Sahuagin, he drew out a conch and blew it, the remaining Sahuagin headed back down towards the water. Then we saw a priestess by the pinnaces (see map), she cast a spell and obscuring fog appeared in the streets, and the Sahuagin withdrew.

Taking further hits the leader was down, with his guards he disappeared in the building. Thorvald son of Thorvald, and Egert followed the Sahuagin down to the docks. We looked in the building, there was a trap door. The lower level was under the docks where there were footprints in the sand tracing a path away to the water.

We looked around the bay and saw the remaining Sahuagin swimming out, we had seen galleys just offshore.

By now all visible Sahuagin were gone. Using Detect Evil™ we found some hiding, wounded Sahuagin, and started to question them. We learnt this was a raid for slaves and the townsfolk reported that, apart from the dead, many people were missing.

Word came through that Mud Shores was also hit, Willie goes to investigate....

To be continued....

Note: No chickens were harmed in the preparation of salt for this presentation.

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