Journal Entry 10 - Aftermath

The next day the party surveyed the devastation, Mud shores in particular was badly hit.

Willie asked our , how many people are dead, he said numbers hadn't been totalled but many more are missing, and that it appears to be a slaver raid.

Egert, standing nearby, observing the docks, said "it appears to be a slaver raid".

In addition the town upstream "River Run" was raided, on the same night.

Cacafonix conjured up another mansion and the 100 handmaidens (?), helped the town's healers to, well, heal. Our contacted the capital and assistance - healers and rangers came from the capital through the teleportation circle. Troops would follow.

We spent the day helping out in the town. Both Tulloch and Gurner were missing. We (or our bard) raised 2 boats from the water, the one in better condition was a slightly smaller skiff, 22' long, the owner could not be found. We laid claim to it

The next day, our said in the town 50-60 dead and 120 people were taken. Mud shore had 30-40 dead and 60-70 taken. River Run has 200 taken.

We assisted with questioning the injured captives, we didn't learn much, the priestesses control the sharks, they capture slaves 'all over the world'.

Egert, standing nearby, said "it appears to be a slaver raid".

Our then asked us if we could help, either scout a channel upstream, near River Run where it is believed the galleys are or where before the raid, or more easily, patrol the opposite shore.

If we take the riskier option payment would include 2 rings of invisibility, and each, again 100gp per day.

After some consideration, we decided to take it on, and found 2 local river boys to crew the boat (payment each 5gp per day).

Before the mission... shopping time.

To be continued.

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