Journal Entry 13 - Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!

We returned to the , and showed him our expertly drawn, scale maps. These included the channels, the witch's hut and the joining up with the dock in the basin. Also marked were the teleport locations.

Egert was assigned to make copies.

We told him how we gathered some artifacts, teleported back and that the boat was still loading slaves.

The then launched into a flurry of activity. Sending many messages, requesting squads of 10 marines and rangers.

His plan then became apparent, scouts and rangers would teleport into the scrub, and when in position, heavier infantry and ourselves would teleport onto the boat.

When ready, the teleporting started, we had the sense there was no time to be lost.

We appeared onto the foredeck, just behind a squad of marines, the rangers in the scrub were firing arrows. There were 30-40 pirates on the deck, with what appeared to be senior pirates on the rear poop deck.

We engaged the enemy, Willie disappeared down below decks, Cacafonix flew off to the side, sending missiles and using an ancient horn, summoned berserkers to engage the senior staff on the poop deck.

We dispatched several of the enemy near us, Willie found slave cages below deck, but was jumped by pirates lurking below in the dark. He sniped them from afar.

Time for Egert to step things up a notch, in a puff of mist he disappeared and reappeared at the foot of the poop deck, with a vault upwards he was positioned between 2 of the senior pirates, now he had them where he wanted!

Krudd used his barbarian speed similarly, moving the stairs from the main deck to the poop deck.

By now many pirates had fallen but the senior ones remained, Willie had his hands full with the pirates below...

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