Journal Entry 14 - Searching, Searching...

Willie continued below decks, he opened a couple of cages, then in the gloom he found two and then another of the pirate rogues with their throats slit. Clearly someone had been busy. A quick search showed they had been stripped, however he did find a &llt;redacted%gt; dagger.

On the poop deck was a hatch, Egert kicked it open and dropped below, however it was clear that below and above desks the combat was over. There were 3 cabins, the largest one for the captain, one for the navigator, and a third.

Egert called the others and started searching the Captain's cabin.

In the bed under the pillow were 2 pistols

Pistols, Pistols, Pistols.

Pistols, Pistols, Pistols.

Egert then considered the desk, perhaps prudent to wait for the observant Willie....

By now the rest of the party were present, Willie called out to the invisible person standing in the corner of the cabin. He responded, a member of the Silks. He claimed to be interested in viewing our search and wanted information rather than treasure; Egert raised a skeptical eyebrow.

Willie then considered the desk, there was a trap! Poison gas. Once disarmed he found:

  • Log books, in Pirate's Cant, and one with writing in invisible ink.
  • Gold and silver pieces.
  • Magical scroll.
  • In a hidden panel, rings and a stiletto dagger.

In the chest, which was also trapped, were art figurines.

In the wardrobe were 2 shirts with magical traces, and a red gem similar to others found.

In the navigator's cabin were charts, one with magical traces, this showed the coast line and a slowly moving dot (perhaps the other pirate ship). Another showed the twisting channels in the swamp.

The third cabin had a long narrow desk built into the bulkhead. In it were a pouch, with mundane gems and an ivory figurine of a goat - which radiated strong magic.

Possibly Not Unlike the Figurine Found.

Possibly Not Unlike the Figurine Found.

Also found were 2 of the magical gems.

There was more of the ship to search and the witches hut across the basin..

To Be Continued…

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