Journal Entry 15 - Friends with Fiends

The rangers had searched the shed on land, adjacent to the dock. The slaves were from Riverun and had been there for a couple of days.

We decide to head for the witch's hut with a 3 pronged attack.

While invisible,Willie and Cacafonix fly/walk across the basin to scout the hut. Krudd and Egert will walk around the basin, with the silks and approach the hut.

To cover any seaborne escape, Thorvald will head for the ocean shore adjacent to the hut where they might attempt to escape. He would then summon a whirlpool and banish them if needed.

When everyone was in position, Egert experienced one of life's true pleasures.. kicking in a door. He, with brave Krudd, entered the room. No witches ! However there was a fiend (a fiend, indeed, no friend).

We immediately advanced and attacked.


It appeared it had some sort of water based attack, Egert and then Krudd were easily able to deflect these and the big 'E' had a mighty swipe at the beast. Krudd then stepped up, and with 2 massive hits badly damaged it.

Willie and one of the silks attacked with bows from behind.

Badly wounded it dropped down a trap door, disappearing below.

Egert immediately followed. There in the gloom was the fleeing fiend and 2 Merrow, evil corrupted and again not friendly Merfolk


Egert had them close at hand with the three surrounding him. This was idea as your scribe hates to have to travel for work.

Several swipes later, and evasions of the water attacks from the fiend, and then puff, he is gone, leaving his henchfish behind. Thorval, about to do a banishment, said he thought the sumoned fiend had decided it had done enough.

Willie expertly searched the witch's hut, and we found more red stones, 3 small pearls, a plain brass ring Magical - (alteration).

Back to The Mosquito Coast.

Stupid things we've overheard...

We'll let him fire the mortar, he's not to good with a gun.

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He is now fast rising from affluence to poverty.