Journal Entry 16 - Split the Party

With the rest of the assault team we discussed next steps. Most of the group and the rescued townspeople would return on the schooner, so we arranged for our skiff to be towed back.

Willie, Thorval and Egert would teleport back to show the map to our lord.png. Krudd and Cacafonix would return on the schooner. It was expected to get back to Port Medain by the following evening.

Back in the Lord's keep we showed the map. The other schooner was seen disappearing off the bottom, to the south of the map. One of the town elders looked at the red gems, and said they were soul gems, often used to negotiate with fiends and other demon folk. We got the ring identifed, it was a ring of invisibility.

We receive payment, 1000Gp, so naturally we go 🐰 🎀 ð’Ūð’―ðŸ’—ð“…ð“…ð’ū𝓃𝑔 🎀 🐰.

The team purchases potions of speed, invisibility, diminution, growth and climbing.

Erget, your scribe has while in the town, purchased potions of speed, heroism, and Keoghs Ointment. Also shiny new +1 bow and 12 fire arrows.

Next Steps.

The lord.pngsent a King's frigate with marines back down the coast, we were not invited, and so we decided to head for the capital by road.

To be continued.... sÃļmÃĐtÃŪmÃļeâ€Ķ

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Stupid things we've overheard...

"Trust no one! Suspect everyone! If you think that every person you meet is working against you then maybe it is because they are! And if you die IT IS NOT MY FAULT!" - Overheard motivational advice from a Games referee to a contender.

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