Journal Entry 17 - A Good Bard is Hard to Find… or a is a Hard Bard…

We returned back to the Corner Inn. Waiting for us was a woman, she said call me ”Sister”.

Egert recalled his own sister, just before he left the town of his birth to go adventuring, who said:

"If you ever call me sister again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep."

or something like that.... Egert was distracted at the time.

Tatbkas (The Agent to be Known as Sister), works for the army, apparently they have identified an intelligence leak, the various attacks on Port Medain and other towns appear to have been coordinated and taking advantage of weaknesses in the King's forces.

We arrange to meet and swap passphrases. A liaison will come to us.

Cacafonix leaves to arrange a show for the night.. He was recommended to one tavern, the victualer there had seen the impromptu show the evening before. The inn was 'The Stag'.

He wanders in and sees the victualer, who remembers him saying:

"A Good Bard is Hard to Find"

He arranged to perform at around 7.

Before the show he wanders the city centre with detect evil activated to see if he can spot a concentration of evil. He didn't spot anything of note.

The performance was a great success, starting very strong and maintaining good rapport with the audience. There wasn't a dry ice in the house.

Afterwards the party promenades, Cacafonix also goes out. Willie does not do any pickpocketing.

The next morning we meet the liason, Lared, who took us to meet Tatbkas. Several groups are mentioned, one merchanting concern at the docks to start with. They appear to be much busier than what they should be given their legitimate and known non-legitimate trading.

They deal in imports of spices and oils. The owner "Daos", human, has a typical merchant house near the docks district and is suspected to be downplaying his wealth. Around the warehouse have been spotted, in addition to staff, various steathy types. As we leave Cacafonix asks about the rest of the army and also for any druids. Tatbkas answers saying most of them are up at the Do Lung Bridge, the last army outpost up river.

We discreetly wander the area briefly passing the warehouse and Daos' residence. One plan suggests itself, Cacafonix, ethereal and Willie invisible.

To be continued...

See you Monday night. Egert your humble scribe.

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