Journal Entry 18 - Out of the Jungle

Having decided to leave Port Median and go to the capital, we made preparations.

Thorvald, son of Thorvald visited the clerics and was given 'a few books' to deliver to the capital, the temple of the Goddess Venda.

Cacafonix visited the mages guild and was given a letter of introduction. We then set off, taking the coastal route. The trip would take 2 days, spending one day in a coastal town on the way.

We had an uneventful night in the town, the next morning we would continue onto the capital.

While having dinner and ales with the rest of the party, I wanted to be back in the jungle searching for charlie. While I was here I was getting weaker, while charlie was getting stronger. While on the road we hear there has been a large attack on River Run - the village upstream from Port Medain. It was overrun and the Kings soldiers temporarily stationed there had to retreat. Attacks of this size and organisation are unusual for the Gnolls.

The next day we set off for the capital. The ever perceptive Willie noticed people watching us as we left the town.

Late that afternoon, more the early evening, we crested a hill and the city on an estuary. We passed through the town gate and headed up across the river. Cacafonix was keen to perform.

News of the Gnoll attack was being discussed widely, there were fears of another Gnoll army being raised.

Later that evening, with a nice meal and a hearty ale or 3 we sat back and tried to not hear Caconfonix perform (to his credit he played well). There wasn't any R&R for charlie, just a bowl of rice and some rat meat...

The next morning we split up to explore the city. Cacafonix went to the mages guild, Thorvald, son of Thorvald went to the temple. By different routes, Krudd, Wille and I ended up at an inn that was a meeting place for adventurers.

There was a notice board with jobs listed. I wanted a mission, and for my sins Willie found one for me.

To Be Continued...

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