Episode 1

All fine and fettled. Fully-healed and go up to level 5.

The ex-god is not here. He loses a level or life.

Lots of buying loot in town.

Apparently, we’re the talk of the town and have been showered with praise and wenches. It’s just a shame we were too drunk to remember any of it.

Buying Spree

  • Willie buys 2 x potions of invisibility and 2 x healing potions and a healer's kit
  • Krud buys 3 x healing potions and 2 x healer's kits
  • Melchoir buys 3 x healing potions
  • Thorvald 4 x healing potions and 3 x healer's kits

We’re off!

We’re off to Wyvern’s Keep. Three nights travel by boat (more of a barge really). Apparently, they have this super-duper armorer there.

On the first night, we pull into a little hamlet. We find the inn. Much was mirth was had.

In the morning… one of the lads from the boat didn’t turn up. They go and find the lout and give him a good whipping for his trouble.

(What was that all about?)

We pull up at a little farm house for lunch, and what would you know... there’s a cave off to the left about a hundred meters away.

For some inexplicable reason, we are curious and go and take a look.

Stuff happens. We find four goblins in there. A family of them. They are now on their way out, chasing the Hooters who was doing a reccy.

Krud grabs one and takes great delight in torturing it by asking some difficult socio-political questions.

We turn the poor creature upside down and find 12 silver pieces and 10 copper pieces.

We give the loot to the farmer, and as a reward, the farmer offers Krud his underage daughter.

Krudd does the only honourable thing: he takes the full three minutes.

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Stupid things we've overheard...

It's daytime... it's gotta be safe.

Random Quote

A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward.