The Dubious Chronicles of Wyvern’s Keep

Wyvern’s Keep is a Dungeon Mafia campaign special, researched, designed and made-up-on-the-fly by The Honourable (cough) Hanse Sloughfoot, Entrepreneur.

These Chronicles have been narrated by Theevin’ Willie the “Reliable”, and other “honest”(wink) contributors.

The Final Episode of the Dubious Chronicles of Wyvern’s Keep

The Final Episode of the Dubious Chronicles of Wyvern’s Keep. Here's what happened, and importantly, here's what we got...!

Episode 5

This town is past its prime. The fog is lifting and it’s going to be a nice sunny day. Or so, we are told!

Episode 4

The ring’s keyword is “pixaxe”. Say it once: get into the guild, twice: lead to vault, three times: open the vault.

Episode 3

Wolf-man Jack (Dagwood) has jumped out of a window. He sniffs something.

Episode 2

We are sailing down the stream. There is a strange druid here. He is called Deadwood. Herein known as Dagwood. God decides that Dagwood joins the party. Not sure that he or we agree, but there you go.

Episode 1

All fine and fettled. Fully-healed and go up to level 5.

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Stupid things we've overheard...

Quick!! How does one UNSUMMON a demon lord?

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There’s just something unsustainable about an environment that demands constant atonement but actively disdains the very idea of forgiveness.