Episode 2

We are sailing down the stream. There is a strange druid here. He is called Deadwood. Herein known as Dagwood.

God decides that Dagwood joins the party. Not sure that he or we agree, but there you go.

That night… we pull into the “Black Hand” inn run by Igor Black.

This town is a busy place. Drink, dine, sleep.

Through the night… at 3:30am… Hooters notices that there is someone in our room!

A thief, a fighter, and a spell-caster brutally attack us!

An unprovoked attack!

They attempt to steel our stuff. This is just not on! JUST NOT ON!

And the little turd of a thief didn’t even acknowledge a fellow thief!!! He's must die!


(While the rest of the party are fighting for their lives, Melchoir molests some nuns.)


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I don't understand. It should be dead by now.

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