Episode 3

Wolf-man Jack (Dagwood) has jumped out of a window. He sniffed something... (is this going to happen every time?)

Melchior and Theivin run through the kitchen.

The baddies went down some stairs in a room off the kitchen.

Theivin catches a glimpse of some fairy fire going through an open secret door.

A wolf runs past us at speed snapping his jaws at the air making a strange "heehaw" noise.

A fight ensues, of course.

We dispatch the halfling (he had it coming) and the barbarian.

The Mage continues running to the river and jumps into a boat then the river and almost drowns. Some Rays of Frost probably contributed.

Dagwood and Krud saved him after they strip his body.


  • Barbarian: maul (+1, double damage on 19 or 20, on 20 it stuns, its a little bit blackened, and it needs some TLC), club, leathers, 50gold, 30 silver
  • Mage: wand of binding +1, scrolls (TBA), spell book (encrypted), 5 gems (25 gold each). A ring of some sort.
  • Thief: short bow, arrows 12 nice ones (4 x +1 to hit, +1 damage, flame arrows, knock arrows), 36 normal arrows. Short sword with "insert for poison". Poison vials x 4 (1 x blind, 3 unknown). On closer inspection... 4 gems worth 50 gold each, 75 gold

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