The Final Episode of the Dubious Chronicles of Wyvern’s Keep

The gnoll horde had been defeated. Some highlights of the battle included:

  • Swooping attacks by a Roc on the gnoll army
  • Barrages of fireballs cast onto horde from the walls
  • The sudden appearance of a dinosaur on the other side of the wall which attacked the horde
  • Krudd the barbarian holding the severed head of the gnoll leader aloft at the conclusion of the battle


At the conclusion of the battle the party were able to search and strip the bodies of the leader, the shaman and the Fisi's:

  • Potion of flying
  • Arrow +2 x 6
  • Potion of firebreath
  • Bracers of archery
  • Armour - hide, resistant: radiant damage
  • Scroll protection - fey
  • Scroll - wizard - hold monster

Gifts of a Grateful Populace

The Manor House

  • Title - Baron of Stonehelm (for a single person), the rest of the party are knighted
  • The house Stonehelm and the associated estate
  • The house is in the town, is old and a bit run down, but is still intact and functional
  • Running expenses: 120gp per annum, includes 5 staff: gardener/retainer; 2 x cooks; stable hand; cleaner
  • Current value: 2500gp

The Estate

  • 500 acres - 250 tillable with river frontage and manor house
  • Income currently: 500gp per annum, with 300gp invested income could rise 50%


  • Staff of the Adder
  • Ring of protection +1

Commemorative Statue

A new statue in the market square, showing the conclusion of the battle.

The main view is of the wall, with on the left the brave party members assisting the barbarian who in the centew, larger than life size, holding the head of the Gnoll leader aloft.

One the right the brave town militia are spearing a monstrous dinosaur creature.

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