Our Big List of Treasure!

Our Big Box of Treasure

Hey Minkies...

I've valued up most of what we got - there are a few things I recall we ARE keeping but we need to sort out what is kept and what is sold - we get 50% of list price when we sell them - or so God told me!!

Have a look and see what people want so we can perhaps sort it on 13th.

Magical Stuff

QtyItemTo BuyTo Sell
1Bracers of Armour +24,000 GP2,000 GP
4Ring of Protection +12,000 GP each4,000 GP
1Ring of Teleport (2 charges)8,000 GP4,000 GP
1Wand of Magic Missile - Fully charged2,250 GP1,125 GP
1Wand of Neutralise poison21,000 GP10,250 GP
1Wand of Lightning Bolts (25 charges)5,625 GP2,812 GP
1Wand of Lightning Bolts (15 charges)3,3751,687 GP
1Wand of Lightning Bolts (10 charges)2,250 GP1,125 GP
4Spell books
(Grants Dungeon pg 136 – ‘spell guard’)
? GP? GP
1Gem of Fire Elemental2,250 GP1,125 GP
8Cloak of Resistance +11,000 GP each4,000 GP
1Cloak of resistance +24,000 GP2,000 GP
2Cloak of Elven Kind2,500 GP each2,500 GP
4Amulet of Dark Blessing
24 temp hit points same as 'Laeral Spheres'
750 GP each1,500 GP
1Magic Leather Armour +11,000 GP500 GP
1Elven chain mail +11,000 GP500 GP
2Potions of Cure Serious Wounds750 GP eachKEEP
9Cure Light Wounds50 GP eachKEEP
2Cure Moderate Wounds300 GP eachKEEP
3Potions of Spider Climb300 GP each450 GP
1Potion - Jump50 GP each25 GP
7Potion of Bull Strength300 GP each10,500 GP
1Potion of Mage Armour50 GP each25 GP
1Potion of Mage Armour50 GP each25 GP
1Potion of Haste750 GP each 375 GP
4Potions of Cat's Grace300 GP each600 GP
19Drow poison? GP? GP
2Scroll of Mage Armour25 GP each25 GP
1Scroll - Ray of Enfeeblement25 GP13 GP
2Slippers of Spider Climb4,500 GP eachKEEP
1Boots of Speed12,000 GPKEEP
4Spiked chain +12,325 GP each4,650 GP
1Huge Great Sword +12,350 GP1,175 GP
1Keen Scythe +1
(eqv. +2 weapon)
4,318 GP2,159 GP
1Full Plate Mail +310,650 GP5,325 GP
3Breast Plates +24,350 GP each6,525 GP
1Double Ended Sword +14,700 GP2,350 GP
2Long Sword +12,315 GP each2,315 GP
1Shocking short spear +14,302 GP2,151 GP
2Javelin of Lightning1,500 GP each1,500 GP

Non-Magical Stuff

9,900Gold pieces9,900 GP
4,850Silver pieces485 GP
65Platinum pieces650 GP
1Garnet ring140 GP
1Silver necklace set with moonstones600 GP
1Gold ring with black pearl900 GP
1Emerald800 GP
1Golden torc350 GP
1Masterwork mighty composite longbow with 20 arrows400 GP
1Symbol of LolthN/A
5Masterwork mighty composite shortbow with 25 arrows375 GP
1Mithral Necklace100 GP
1Gold Comb studded with Gems350 GP
1Non-magical keyN/A
4Small bag of diamond dust500 GP each

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