Day 4 - Midnight

We sat around and talked in the safety of Yunas little metal cottage. Yuna seemed to be the only one able to sleep as Damir's still rolling round the floor, grunting through the gag and trying to get back to the bloody altar. We all breath a sigh of relief when Norton announces his spells have been renewed. Immediately he casts two remove curse spells on Damir - one to undo the constitution damage and the other, we hope, to stop this annoying altar compulsion. Damir stops struggling though he is still trying to say something through the gag. We think about it for a moment; which seems to infuriate him, then remove it.

"What am I doing down here? Why'd you tie me up?"

We untied him and explained; he swore he remembered nothing after trying to read the strange script.... anyway, he's feeling much better now and no longer wants to sit on the altar Thank all the Gods. Those who require it finally get some sleep.

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