Day 5 - Talking with the dead

After a non-eventful evening in Yunas fabulous portable bunker, we woke. Norton, having prayed mightily now has a few Speak with Dead spells; we settled down to question the dead thief Winfield and the remains of the transformed cleric Sophie.

In short Sophie said that all the others in her party are dead. Yuna asked her if she wanted to be restored in some way; but Sophie said no thanks; she is happy here with her God.

We learned a little more from Winfield... He said that the Town Protectors were chased around the temple by the spiders. Eventually the party was cornered and died one by one. By Winfields account their party fought well but there was a high priestess of Lolth to contend with too.

Apparently the priestess was thrashing them when suddenly her spells seemed to fail and she retreated but her spider-creatures killed the rest of the Town Protectors party. He also said that the traps have not reset.... which makes me wonder - how would he know; he's dead. This place really bothers me.. There MUST be a secret door somewhere.

We spent a fruitless and frustrating half a day searching the whole bastard place for a secret door - no luck - but I still think there MUST be one somewhere.

We walked back to Laeric a 3/4 day walk with no horses.... We sought out Will and Mayor Alarn and gave them the bad news and collect our 20,000gp. As it was late we stayed the night - we'll head back to the Inn of the Far Shore the next day.

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