Day 9 - Hmmmmm but how much is it if...

Norton and his ale

Back at the Inn and how predictable is this..... Rumbles heads off to drink (...fancy!) Norton joins him (a drinking Dwarf... Again I say 'fancy!'), Hoo races off to Ye Olde Magik shoppe to see of his order is in; I think he's after Boots of Speed (as if he needs to be faster) Damir also has money he just can't wait to spend and so he too heads off. Damir also has money he just can't wait to spend and so he too heads off. Really! First things first... Yuna and I (obviously the only sensible ones) grab saki and head for the bath house. After dinner I have some business of my own; I take the pressure injected poison delivery system - the one I found back in the caves - to the Magical Artificers and negotiate to get more made. We make a deal which suits us all and I go back downstairs to join the rabble.

While I was gone Hoo returned to the bar and had a chat with Bertrand, by the time I got back he'd discovered there were a few new tasks. For some reason Hoo seems maniacally inclined toward the one involving Frost Giants; apparently they're raiding caravans over the pass... I stood down-wind and asked him what the attraction was. He said that Bertrand said that there seems some to be some (fairly vague) trouble with Lolth, her clerics and their spells not working - or perhaps, not working properly.... or something! The other (possibly Lolth related) task is the bandits - they seem to have returned to Lord Randel-Moores place and are raiding outlying farms. On the down side (sarcasm) the "getting rid of Pirates who are holding a light house to ransom" has been taken by some other bunch.- I head off to bed with happy thoughts.

Back to The Inn of the Far Shore.

Stupid things we've overheard...

Well, we know he's LAWFUL evil, so he should keep his word when he promised not to betray us.

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