Day 20 - part B

Black Lotus

Rumbles and I guard the trail - we're the only ones who can see up it anyway - while Yuna sets up her magic impenetrable hut in the forest and then casts hallucinatory terrain so the forest appears exactly as it is but without the hut - none of us of course are disillusioned.

After they've finished the others take turns in watching with me until after dinner while Norton gets some rest, then they swap and head off into Yuna's hut, mostly to rest but Rumbles is still pretending to read... Oh well... it's more harmless than most of the things he could be doing.

It's getting late - Norton and I are on watch and I see a movement up the "evil" trail.... it's about 11pm by now. I hiss "Invisibility Purge" to Norton - he casts and a bunch of Drow and a Dragon-kin appear (I REALLY should NOT have let that thing out)... two of the Drow bolt off into the forest on Norton’s side of the trail. The rest go for Norton who's the only one they can see.

I sneak up behind one of the drow - none of them know I'm there - and hit easily, my sword being liberally coated with Black Lotus extract (I LOVE that poison... it's just SO good) The Drow keels over - I ignore him - he'll be dead next round.

Norton takes a whack at his attackers and hits one of them soundly but there's another two and the Dragon-Kin still to deal with. The next round I take out the spell user - Black Lotus again... Two down...

About now Yuna "arrives" so-to-speak in the form of chain-lightning; which causes a fair bit of damage on those still standing. I manage to wound another one by the time Rumbles hits the fray and takes on the Dragon-Kin...

Damir, true to form, shoots Banipal in back with a flaming arrow - nice to know it's not just me - and the battle rages on...

Eventually Rumbles hacks the Dragon-kin to bits and chops off its head for good measure but the other two keep hacking at him from behind. Norton takes care of one of them and Rumbles "rolls up" the other.

Unfortunately the last one got away back down the "evil" trail... Bugger!!... Damir and Banipal drag bodies back over the "good" line and strip them (They're sweet boys really... but you'd never know it just to look at them). Yunna's sleeping to get her spells back and Norton and I are still on watch.

Back to The Inn of the Far Shore.

Stupid things we've overheard...

I'm so tired. I'll sleep during my watch tonight. Nothing will happen.

Random Quote

It is a complete misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It doesn't. It exists in the interests of the people.